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Making furniture by hand is a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. For this reason, it has become a dying art. Excellent pieces of twentieth century furniture; the ones that will be the museum-quality antiques of the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries, are, therefore, rather rare. In a world where so much is manufactured and disposable, handmade furniture is both a wise and beautiful investment and one that is a joy to live with.

When you commission someone to build a piece of custom furniture, you enter into the creative process with them, helping to assure that the piece will be unique as well as totally suited to your needs and tastes.

College of the Redwoods has trained more than 325 students from around the world in time-tested methods of construction and timeless design. If you see something you like here, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We will put you in touch with the person who made it.

College of the Redwoods
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