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Britta Krenov Turns 90!

CR Wood Dawgs Beat the House in Vegas

Remembering Jim
A collection of links developed after the passing of our teacher.

The 2009 version of the alumni newsletter in PDF format is available (380 MB). If you are in need of a program to view PDF files, Adobe's Acrobat Reader is free.

Jim Krenov, the founder and director of the school, had written an introduction to the work we do and about a few things to consider when viewing it.

We also have an article by David Welter about making your own handplanes, as well as an 'exciting' list of the hand tools we expect our students to bring with them to school.

In case you wanted to do a little extra reading about Craft or the design, history, or making of furniture, we have a nice, lightly annotated booklist of titles for you to peruse.

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