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James Krenov

Taunton Press Fine Woodworking
Video clip of C/R Fine Woodworking
25th Reunion activities

Shop Class as Soulcraft
A reflection upon the life-affirming qualities of manual labor and craftsmanship. Written by Matthew B. Crawford and published in The New Altantis. Worth a print-out.

Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers
A local association of practitioners of furnituremaking skills.

Mendocino Woodworking
A collective of craftsmen, woodworkers, builders, designers and purveyors of fine woodworking in Mendocino County.

Mendocino Artists
A collective of painters, sculptors, jewelers,glass artists, potters, photographers, fabric artists, weavers, beaders, candlemakers, and haberdashers in Mendocino County.

New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association

The venerable auction house has resources for connoisseurs and beginners alike about building and caring for your collection.

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
One of the best museums in the world, right on your desktop.

Wharton Esherick Home Page
Sculptor, furniture maker, and artist, Esherick was, perhaps, the father of the American studio furniture movement.

The William Morris Society
William Morris, British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist was a primary inspiration of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

National Endowment for the Arts
Your tax dollars at work supporting Culture and the creative act.


The Woodworker's Library
A huge selection of woodworking books, plans, and videos, many at discount prices. Primary source of Krenov books.

The Furniture Library
Located in North Carolina, the largest library of furniture books in the world. They also have more than 500 titles for sale.

The online version of the modern design magazine: Archived articles and a great selection of links.


The Walnut Place
Salvaged Claro walnut from two furniture makers who know their wood.

Almquist Lumber Company
Domestic, imported and local woods of a great variety. A number of the staff actually know woodworking. Always worth a stop. Open seven days a week.

Horizon Wood Products
A trusted source for specialty American hardwoods. Horizon has satisfied specific raw material needs of discerning furniture makers and architects throughout Europe and North American for over 30 years. A business operated by people who care.

Reclaimed, salvaged, and certified lumber sales. Mike Capp has been operating this business for twenty years. Not to be confused with WoodBank, former associates of the displaced PALS.


Four Sisters Woodworking
Instruction available for individuals for three days, one week, or two weeks. Personal attention from C/R graduates at a dream shop in a lovely location.

Inside Passage
A School of Fine Woodworking established at Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada by C/R graduate Robert Van Norman who is committed to practicing the philosophy of James Krenov.

Rosewood Studio
Offering instruction in fine woodworking through workshops and seminars from one week to three months in length. An impressive faculty for classes in an old woolen mill near Ottawa.

Tools and Tricks of the Trade

Vacuum Laminating Technology Inc.
A hometown business founded by one of our graduates. VLT specializes in pumps, bags, and frame presses.

Sanderson Hardware Hinges
Discreetly sized knife hinges made by C/R graduate Robert Sanderson. Produced with the same care that distinguishes our furniture.

Hock Handmade Knives
Excellent replacement blades for handplanes and such.

Glen-Drake Tool Works
The Tite-Mark marking guage is the last word in its category. Kevin Drake also fasions a variety of ergonomic hammers and mallets.

Målilla Hyvelbänkar
Swedish workbenches made by the son of the man who made the bench that Jim Krenov used.

Old Woodworking Machines
A forum with more information, advice, opinions,and dubious humor than anyone should need. The FAQ page is worth a visit alone.

The Tool Crib
Extensive stock of power equipment at low prices.

The International Wood Collectors Society
A non-profit Society devoted to distributing information on collecting wood, correctly identifying and naming wood specimens, and using wood in creative crafts.

Good Wood Alliance
Formerly known as the Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection, these folks are concerned with using our resources responsibly. In September, 1997, The Good Wood Alliance merged with the Forest Products Buyers Group to form the Certified Forest Products Council.

Woodworking on the Web
A source of links about woodworking and furniture.

Make your own spoke shave with instructions by John Gunterman. You'll never go back to metal shaves.

The Mendocino Coast

MCN Home Page
The web server for most of the Mendocino coast. A lot of links to businesses, individuals, and organizations in our neck of the woods. Very useful if you plan to visit the area.

Mendocino County Alliance
The web site for the County's non-profit trade association contains listings of events as well as lodging and dining possibilities.

City of Fort Bragg Home Page
Community issues.

Fort Bragg, California
More businesses, inns, and resources on the Mendocino Coast.

City Data
More Fort Bragg statistics than you can shake a stick at.

Know Your USA/Mendocino County
Geographical and political information.

Random Fun Sites

Urban Legends
So you know of a friend of a friend's second cousin who woke up with one kidney and plan to raise funds for his recovery by forwarding Bill Gate's email? Check out this web site whenever your credulity meter quivers.

Annenberg Political Fact Check
Deceptive claims of a more sinister nature are exposed by this nonpartisan organization. Recommended by Vice President Dick Cheney during the 2004 campaign.

An online magazine, akin to the New Yorker, only more hip. Consistently entertaining.

Increase and Diffusion
The Smithsonian Institution's online magazine.

The Discovery Channel
A wonderful site, updated daily.

Links to publishers, hundreds of libraries, speciality bookstores, and to assorted book reviews.